A friendly close-knit team


Volunteers bring a range of skills and experience that complement the work we do with our service users including, in some cases, personal experience of the challenges of living with substance misuse or coping with a loved one’s misuse or particular skills which greatly benefit our service users.

As well as being a valuable way to give back and help the local community, volunteering can also provide an opportunity to develop new skills and progress towards employment. All our volunteers receive training and are supported to deliver their roles.

Our current volunteers include:

  • administrators and receptionists
  • volunteer recovery workers
  • counsellors
  • legal advisors
  • complementary therapists
  • student social workers
  • recovery café cooks and workers

When you start volunteering at ICADS  you’ll be working in a friendly, close knit team who truly value your work. You’ll also be joining a team who are deeply passionate about what they do: our service users continue to face negative stigma every day – by joining us you’ll be joining the fight to end that stigma for good

To find out more about volunteering with us scheme contact us.