A sustainable community

Social enterprises

ICADS has recruited and trained three former service users to create a Peer Enterprise Team (PET)

Their job is to research existing social enterprise models across the UK and provide feedback and recommendations to stakeholders, including commissioners.

Our aim is to enhance our existing services and to create a new sustainable social enterprise in Camden.

Each of the three treatment and recovery providers (SHP, CGL and Camden NHS Foundation Trust) manageĀ one member of the Peer Enterprise Team (PET), providing training, supervision and organisational support.

The team:

  • Carries out research into different social enterprise models that are being successfully delivered throughout the country
  • Conducts audits of the three substance treatment services within Camden
  • Coordinates and presents service user feedback to commissioners as part of quarterly contract monitoring meetings
  • Provides service user input in relation to recruitment
  • Coordinates Service specific service user forums

To find out more about our social enterprise work contact us.