Visible and contagious recovery

Peer mentoring

Peer mentors are individuals who have lived experience of substance use addiction and are stable in their own recovery. They are available across the ICADS network to discuss recovery options and support opportunities with our service users.

The role of a peer mentor varies depending on the individual’s interests and experience. We try our best to make sure that every peer mentor has exciting, challenging work that makes the very best of their skills.

There are so many benefits to having peer mentors. Many of the people who come to us feel a bit nervous about getting help for alcohol or drugs and don’t know what to expect. Our peer mentors do an amazing job of putting them at ease, talking them through the process and answering any questions or concerns they might have.

ICADS is proud to offer an accredited pathway into peer mentoring with recruitment happening at least 5 times a year. Peer mentors have the opportunity to:

  • gain a qualification in Peer Mentoring via our in-house training programme
  • share their experiences to support others and
  • gain work experience through placements across our treatment services.

To find out more about our Peer Mentoring scheme contact us directly.